July 21, 2024
Hindi meaning of still

Exploring the Hindi Meaning of “Still”


Hindi Meaning of “Still” – The English language is rich with words that often find their way into various languages, adding diversity and depth to communication. One such word is “still,” which, when translated into Hindi, takes on a nuanced meaning. In this article, we will delve into the Hindi meaning of “still” and explore its various contexts.

Understanding the Basic Translation:

The straightforward translation of “still” into Hindi is “अब भी” (ab bhi). This translation is commonly use when indicating a continuation or persistence of a state or action. For example, “He is still working” can be translates as “वह अब भी काम कर रहा है” (vah ab bhi kaam kar raha hai).

In the context of time, “still” can also be translated as “फिर भी” (phir bhi). For instance, “I am still waiting for your call” can be translated as “मैं तुम्हारे कॉल का फिर भी इंतजार कर रहा हूँ” (main tumhare call ka phir bhi intezaar kar raha hoon).

Expressing Emphasis:

Apart from the basic translations, the word “still” in Hindi can be uses to add emphasis to a statement. In such cases, it can be translates as “फिर भी” (phir bhi) or “तब भी” (tab bhi), depending on the context. For example, “He still didn’t understand” can be translated as “उसने तब भी समझा नहीं” (usne tab bhi samjha nahi).

Contrast and Surprise:

In certain contexts, “still” in English is uses to express contrast or surprise. In Hindi, this can be translates as “फिर भी” (phir bhi) or “हालांकि” (halaanki). For instance, “He is small, but still he lifts the heavy box” can be translated as “वह छोटा है, फिर भी उसने भारी बक्सा उठाया” (vah chhota hai, phir bhi usne bhari boksa uthaya).

Usage in Silence or Calmness:

Another interesting aspect of the Hindi meaning of “still” is its use in conveying a sense of quietness, calmness, or lack of movement. In this context, “still” can be translates as “शांत” (shaant) or “अचल” (achal). For example, “The lake was still” can be translates as “तालाब शांत था” (talaab shaant tha).


The Hindi meaning of “still” is versatile, encompassing a range of contexts and nuances. Whether used to indicate persistence, emphasize a point, express contrast, or convey a sense of calmness, the translation of “still” into Hindi adapts to the intricacies of communication in various situations. Understanding these nuances enhances language proficiency and ensures effective expression in both English and Hindi.

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