July 21, 2024
hindi meaning of relevant

Decoding the Hindi Meaning of Relevant


Hindi Meaning of Relevant – Language serves as a powerful tool for communication, allowing individuals to convey their thoughts and ideas effectively. In the realm of language, words carry nuanced meanings that may vary across cultures and contexts. One such word that holds significance in both English and Hindi is “relevant.” In this article, we delve into the Hindi meaning of “relevant” and explore its usage in various scenarios.

The English Perspective:

Before delving into the Hindi interpretation, let’s briefly understand the English meaning of “relevant.” In English, “relevant” is an adjective that signifies a connection or relationship to a particular matter at hand. Something is deemed relevant if it is pertinent, applicable, or directly related to the subject under discussion.

The Hindi Equivalent – “प्रासंगिक” (Prasangik):

In Hindi, the term “प्रासंगिक” (Prasangik) is often uses as an equivalent for “relevant.” The word “प्रासंगिक” derives its meaning from “प्रसंग” (Prasang), which translates to “context” or “situation.” Therefore, when something is describes as “प्रासंगिक,” it signifies its relevance to the current context or situation.

Usage in Different Contexts:

  1. Academic Context: In academic settings, relevance is crucial. A piece of information, research, or discussion is considers “प्रासंगिक” if it directly contributes to the subject being studied. Teachers and scholars often emphasize the importance of providing relevant examples and data to enhance the understanding of a topic.
  2. Workplace and Professional Environment: In a professional setting, the concept of relevance holds significant weight. Ideas, proposals, or suggestions are value if they are “प्रासंगिक” to the ongoing projects or organizational goals. Colleagues are encourage to contribute insights that are directly applicable to the tasks at hand.
  3. Everyday Conversations: Even in casual conversations, the term “प्रासंगिक” can be uses to express the significance of a particular remark or comment. If a statement aligns with the current discussion or is directly relates to the situation, it can be describes as “प्रासंगिक.”
  4. Media and News: Journalists and media professionals strive to present “प्रासंगिक” information to the public. News reports, articles, and discussions are expected to be relevant to the current events and issues, providing the audience with valuable insights.


Language is a dynamic and evolving medium of expression, with words adapting to various cultural and linguistic landscapes. In Hindi, the term “प्रासंगिक” encapsulates the essence of relevance, emphasizing the importance of context and situational significance. Understanding the Hindi meaning of “relevant” enables individuals to communicate effectively in diverse settings, ensuring that their words resonate appropriately with the context at hand.

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