July 21, 2024
Hindi meaning of extract

Unveiling the Hindi Meaning of “Extracted”


Hindi Meaning of “Extracted” – The word “extracted” holds a significant place in the English language, particularly in contexts related to information, resources, or substances obtained through a process. Language is a powerful tool that enables communication and understanding among individuals. In the realm of linguistic diversity, exploring the meanings of words in different languages adds depth to our comprehension. In this article, we delve into the Hindi meaning of the word “extracted.”

Understanding “Extracted” in English:

Before we embark on exploring its Hindi counterpart, let’s grasp the English meaning of “extracted.” In English, the term “extracted” is commonly use in the context of obtaining something by pulling it out or drawing it forth from a source. This action often involves carefully selecting or isolating a particular substance or information from a larger context.

Hindi Translation – “निष्कासित”:

In Hindi, the equivalent term for “extracted” is “निष्कासित” (pronounce nishkasit). This Hindi word carries a similar essence to its English counterpart, referring to the act of drawing out or removing something from a larger entity. It can be use in various contexts, such as extracting information, extracting a substance from a mixture, or extracting a conclusion from a complex situation.

Usage Examples in Hindi:

  1. उसने डेटा से महत्वपूर्ण जानकारी निष्कासित की। (He extracted crucial information from the data.)
  2. रसोई में खाना बनाते समय उसने धनिया का तेल निष्कासित किया। (While cooking in the kitchen, she extracted coriander oil.)
  3. वैज्ञानिकों ने पुराने मस्तिष्क से नई जानकारी निष्कासित की। (Scientists extracted new information from ancient brains.)


Language is a bridge that connects cultures and people. Exploring the meaning of words in different languages enriches our linguistic understanding. In Hindi, “निष्कासित” serves as the translation for “extracted,” embodying the concept of pulling out or drawing forth from a source. As we continue to appreciate the nuances of language, we enhance our ability to communicate effectively across diverse linguistic landscapes.

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